What to Do in Malta

While in Malta, one can explore the Islands in various ways. Whether it’s touring and exploring the islands, relaxation or nightlife, one can rest assured that there will always be something to do and somewhere to visit.And the biggest advantage of a stay on the Islands is the fact that everywhere is close and everything is within reach within a short period of time!

To better understand the history and way of life throughout the years, there is nothing better than a visit to the various museums and heritage sites spread along the islands in various locations. Cultural sightseeing is a definite must to explore this aspect of the Islands. To relax while exploring Malta and Gozo, there is nothing better than a walk in the countryside.

To discover the hidden wonders of Malta and Gozo, an off-road adventure on a jeep safari is the answer. Another way to explore the islands is by going on a sailing adventure on one of the various cruises, yacht charters, tours and excursions while a tour on a helicopter gives the opportunity to see Malta and Gozo from above.

To admire the clear blue Maltese waters from below sea level, an underwater safari or even better a diving experience gives the chance to explore the magnificent underwater world around the Islands. One can also spend the day swimming and lazing around in one of the many sandy and rocky beaches found along the islands.

To get a taste of the local night life, there is nothing better than to visit the unlimited number of bars, clubs and discotheques as well as casinos around the Islands especially in the Paceville/St.Julians/Sliema area and also Bugibba.

For a relaxed way to spend the evening one can go to the cinema and watch one of the latest movies. Movie enthusiasts can also visit the various film set locations such as Popeye Village as well as the Rinella.

Whether you’re seeking action or relaxation, tranquility or excitement, you can count on finding it in Malta!