Vittoriosa Waterfront

The Vittoriosa Waterfront may be more recent than the Valletta Waterfront development - the food and drink establishments opened just last year -and the promenade may be on a smaller scale, but it has still been laid under siege, albeit one of a different nature to the one the island endured in 1565.

Locals and vistors have capitalised on belated opportunities to enjoy the al fresco dining experience at a number of establish- ments that have opened in the area. But it is not just the newly restored old treasury building that they have for company -not that this imposing building, with its arcaded facade, high ceilings and vaults is a bad lunch or dinner partner- but also more than 200 yachts that occupy the yacht marina.

It can be an ideal place to do a little star- spotting, since the super yacht area - along the stretch between Caraffa Palace and Casino di Venezia -is regularly occupied will boats belonging to the rich and, sometimes, famous.

or anyone who wants to make the expe- rience more permanent, 110 luxury apartments were recently built as part of this brave and breathtaking development.

Source Timeout 07