Scenic walks in Gozo

Gozo is great to discover on foot. Rural life, stunning views and beautiful architecture are waiting to be discovered; so put on your walking shoes and enjoy these recommended walks. The locals will be more than keen to help you find your way around.

Sheer height

Head towards San Raflu, just beyond the small village of Kercem for some great views from the cliff edge. Follow the country road all the way to the man-made pond known as L-Ghadira and then you will be faced with a fork in the road. Take the more rugged pathway to the left which leads to the island's south-western tip. Head right to the edge to see a small gem: a little-known-about Phoenician settlement that offered a strategic vantage point over this part of the Mediterranean as well as an alternative view of the sensational Dwejra window, which can be reached by doubling back and taking a path through the valley. Some more history and natural beauty await as you will come across the ancient cart ruts and stunning inland sea area. The western village of San Lawrenz now lies ahead.

Crystal waters

Start off at the large parish church in the village of Nadur that commands beautiful views as it stands on a plateau 170 metres above sea level. Ask around for directions towards Dahlet Qorrot bay. Make your way downhill for a look at the Mistra rocks on the left before the Day and boathouses come into full view. The recently restored Ta' Sopu watchtower stands ahead. It was used to  protect the island particularly during World War II. Now follow the signs to the outskirts of Qala, walking through fields and past traditional windmills, before heading back to Nadur. You're probably hungry, so tryout the traditional ftira -a  delicious snack resembling pizza. Ask for Maxokk or Mekren, where you will eat the best ftira in GOZO.

Villages and valleys

This walk takes you to the pretty village of Gharb. Start from the imposing church and take the road on the left past the Folklore Museum towards the old part of the village and its original church in Birbuba. Make your way towards the right side to the area known as San Dimitri, which takes its name from the 15th century chapel that the winding roads eventually lead to. The Ta' Gurdan lighthouse and Ta' Pinu Sanctuary are visible from here. Now double back a few metres and take the road that leads down until a footpath branches to the right. It leads to Wied il-Mielah, an attractive valley. Walk along the beautiful stretch of coast to the mouth of the Ghasri valley, then up to the village that lends the valley its name. If you're up to it, take the steep climb to the 19th century lighthouse and then head towards Ta' Pinu and back to Gharb along the small road by the side of the sanctuary.