Malta Enterprise

Malta Enterprise, the national agency responsible for promoting trade and industrial development, provides a comprehensive range of services and incentives aimed at companies based in Malta. Itoffers a competitive package of fiscal and other incentives targeted at manufacturing and service companies available through the Business Promotion Act (BPA). In addition to its central investment promotion function, Malta Enterprise has the task of promoting the country's external trade by helping companies in Malta penetrate new export markets. Due to its economic and commercial linkages between the countries of the Northern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean, Malta remains the ideal base from which to penetrate the markets in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

It is difficult to argue with this when there are so many international companies in Malta which seem to prove the point. Furthermore, Malta Enterprise aims to make it as easy as possible for the international business person to identify and make contact with the ideal producer, supplier or partner in Malta in the shortest possible time.

Thus, whether you are interested in Malta as an investment location or a trading partner, the business case in favour of Malta is clear. It has a track record in the production of a surprisingly diverse range of quality products and services which are exported globally to some of the world's most demanding and sophisticated markets. Contact Malta Enterprise for a free information pack on doing business with Malta.